What is the COTX-X3 Hotspot Miner?

COTX-X3 is a indoor full Hotspot, which is compatible with the Helium Network. It is super mini type but with strong performance with Raspberry Pi4 based hardware. It has rich connectors and display screen to show different working status easily. COTX-X3 has US915/EU868/CN470 versions with FCC/CE/SRRC certificates respectively.


Compatible with the Helium Network

Powered by Helium LongFi technology, it can participate in PoC.

Display Hotspot working status

Easy to monitor the running status of Hotspot. It shows the status of Device IP, BLE on/off, Cloud, Internet and WI-FI connection.

Multiple Interfaces

When it comes to IoT scenarios, it will be efficient using these existing interfaces.

High Performance

1.5Ghz Broadcom quad-core CPU, Multioptional capacity of ROM and flash that could meet the feature demand of Helium Eco system.

Quality ensurance

Sound design and strict phase gate control on the product development, mechanical button to fast enable common use functions.

Heat Dissipation

Aluminum Alloys casing with excellent cooling design, massively extend the working lifespan of hotspot.


DesignAluminum Alloy + Plastic
CPUQuad-core Cortex-A72 @1.5GHz
(4G/8G Optional)
Main-boardRaspberry Pi 4B
Micro SD Card Slot1* Micro SD card
(32G capacity as standard configuration)
Ethernet1* 10/100/1000M interface(RJ-45)
Wi-Fi2.4 / 5GHz 802.11AC
BLE1* Bluetooth5.0
BT ButtonPress and hold on for 5 seconds to turn on Bluetooth
LoRa Antenna1* External 3.5dBi LoRa antenna, SMA interface
System LEDOFF (Non Power) / Blinking (System Bootup) / On (Operating)
LED Display ScreenIP address & the status of BLE, Internet, Ethernet and Wi-Fi

Why Choose Us?

Fast in synchronization. COTX Hotspot is fully adapted to Helium official miner Mirror Program and updates simultaneously with Helium platform.
Stable and secure and system. It is tested and utilized by many open source communities, Helium platform as well as application developers.
Meanwhile, COTX Hotspot maintains minimum updates that synchronizes with the official updates. It reduces mining losses from recurring updates of compilation.
Based on the Raspberry PI open platform, COTX Hotspot is expandable and constructive and offers high system configuration of 2G/4G memory. X3 has outstanding memory capacity far ahead of its peers.