Product Description

Outdoor LoRa Smart Gateway is a new generation of low-power WAN IoT convergence gateway products independently developed by COTX Networks Technologies Co.,Ltd. It supports the LoRaWAN standard formulated by the International LoRa Alliance and is compatible with other LoRa modules or terminal product communications developed based on the standard LoRaWAN protocol. Rich WiFi, Ethernet, eMTC/NB-IoT uplink interface selection, can be applied to a variety of scenarios deployment. The COTX-X series outdoor IoT convergence network is embedded with a LoRa low-frequency chip, which can meet the coverage of 1km-15km according to the actual deployment scenarios. The terminal can use lower power consumption to transmit data at the WAN level through the LoRa protocol.

COTX-X-O series is an industrial-grade outdoor access gateway.

  • It uses LoRa technology and complies with the LoRaWAN™ Protocol.
  • It supports 50-200 sensor nodes in 10 LoRa channels.
  • With IP67 housing and industrial-grade components under full light-ing protection, operating temperature as low as -40°C and up to 70°C.
  • Multiple Backhaul connectivities include Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet, eMTC/NB-IoT, and LTE.

High concurrency, thousands of terminals

The embedded LoRa chip supports up to 10 channels of simultaneous encoding and decoding, which greatly increases user capacity, Within its coverage area, it can meet the access of thousands of IoT terminals according to the frequency of terminal data reporting and ensure large connections under the circumstances the communication link of the IoT terminal is stable.

High-level safety protection

The external gateway cooperates with the cloud key management system to support high-level security protection. The entire network adopts a unified KEY Management system to manage the life cycle of keys.Through overall consideration and excellent professional design, there is a consistent security protection mechanism regardless of whether the gateway is offline or online, and it also provides secure data transmission and local keys data secure encrypted storage capabilities.

Comprehensive and diverse return options

The COTX-X series gateways support multiple uplink access methods for eMTC/NB-IoT, providing users with flexible and diverse uplink options when deploying complex networks.

Flexible and easy to deploy

It can be quickly deployed in operator towers, seaport logistics concentration areas, community roofs, park scenic spots, or road light poles. The power supply problem during the installation of the outdoor gateway can be solved by local power supply or 802.3at compatible POE power supply mode; if there is no local power supply, it can be powered by solar power.

Application Scenarios

Outdoor LoRa smart gateway can meet the needs of long-distance access services in various scenarios such as cities and agriculture.It can reach 2-3KM coverage in a complex urban environment, and it can meet 10KM long-distance transmission in open scenes such as agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry. At the same time, it can be applied to communication scenarios with long-distance, low-power consumption and IoT terminals in industries, parks, energy, electricity, etc.

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Smart Park

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Model Comparison



Product Size(H*W*D)235*190*70mm
Product weight2300g
Accessories materialAluminum alloy
A fixed wayWall-mounted, desktop or outdoor placement
Operating temperature-40℃ ~ 70℃
Protection level-IP67
Device interfaceEthernet、WiFi、 eMTC(LTE-CAT M1)、NB-IoT
Maximum power consumption<15w
Local power supplyPOE supports 802.3at compatible power supply; DC12-48V input power supply
Working frequencyChina area:470MHz~510MHz、 America and other regions:902-928Mhz、 Europe and other regions:863-870Mhz、 Australia area:915-928Mhz
Number of channels2 channels uplink at the same timeUp to 8 channels at the same time
Data rate292.97bps、537.11bps、976.56bps
(Engrave two at the same time)
Receiving sensitivity-136dbm-140dbm
Transmit power25dBm27dBm