Smart visitor management system, saving communication and personnel

Smart access control, safer and more convenient access control management

Let meeting room management reach users in all aspect

Actual and effective Smart lighting management, Real energy saving, and environmental protection

Smart workstation management, supporting the dynamic allocation of mobile workstations in multiple parks/buildings/floors/regions

One-stack smart building integrated solution

Extensive use of Smart sensor terminals and automatic control equipment, comprehensive utilization of underlying technologies such as face recognition, wireless communication, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc., to fully tap the scene construction needs of parks and office buildings. Provide complete visitor reservation/registration/management, smart access control, conference room

reservation/notification/display/resource release, personnel/ambient light perception, dynamic dimming, dynamic station scheduling, real-time statistical display, and other functions, To improve the Smart application of the park, improve the efficiency of space energy utilization, and improve the comfort of the personnel.

Core functions

Smart visitor management

  • Scan the QR codes on the visitor's mobile phone to register
  • Visitors register at the self-service terminal
  • Automatically print visitor badges, including access control QR codes
  • The welcome screen automatically plays the visitor's destination navigation

Smart access control management

  • Unified identity management, employee/visitor registration
  • Daily staff face recognition automatic control access control
  • Visitors scan QR codes to control access control
  • Set access control permissions by area

Meeting room management

  • Appointment: multiple appointment methods for mobile terminal / front desk/conference room exhibition board
  • Notification: Email/SMS/WeChat, etc. at any time
  • Resource release: conference rooms that have not been activated over time are automatically released as no appointment
  • Conference room usage statistics

Smart Building

  • Automatic dimming: automatically turn on/off lights according to ambient light office personnel
  • Automatic air humidification: automatically turn on/off the humidifier according to the air humidity
  • Automatic air filtration: automatically turn on/off the Purifier according to PM2.5
  • Monitor the operating status of smoke alarms in the building

Smart workstation management

  • Station deployment registration and map display
  • Fixed station + project team mobile station appointment
  • Dynamic binding of office resources: electronic signs, PDU sockets, landline phones, etc.

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