The smart street light control system Smart lighting management are conducive to energy saving and environmental protection

Mount 5G micro base stations and WiFi devices to build 5G and urban WiFi services

The Smart charging piles solve the worries of electric vehicles.

Real-time audio and video intercom between the street lamp side and the control center in an emergency

Comprehensive detection of environmental information such as weather and noise

Monitoring road conditions security and vehicle monitoring

LED screen releases local dynamic information

Building a new generation of smart light poles based on the Internet of Things

The Smart light pole system uses a professionally-architected IoT enabling platform to access the latest IoT terminal technology a Basis to Seamlessly integrate IoT devices in various related fields. Scientifically analyze various types of perception information, design comprehensive management, and linkage between sensors and equipment, Provide overall technical support for the city's scientific lighting and energy conservation, Environmental governance, Vehicle security monitoring, municipal information release, etc., and participate in the deployment of 5G and electric vehicle charging pile construction to help improve the Management capabilities of Smart cities.

Terminal side equipment

LED Smart street lights to adopt wireless control protocols such as NB and LoRa, which save energy and electricity; Professional security monitoring and vehicle monitoring cameras; Integrated Smart environment collector, multi-dimensional perception of the municipal environment; High-definition LED screen, flexible size customization, waterproof, highly safe and reliable operation and maintenance; The Smart charging pile, real-time settlement for charging by scanning code;

Backstage management system

Layered design, multi-dimensional data distributed storage, safe and reliable service; Highly integrated management background, hierarchical panoramic display of city operation status; Pre-set perception-decision linkage rules, combining Smart decision-making and manual management; Customer service background, terminal and control center linkage;

Mobile management

Provide a convenient platform for the installation and operation of dedicated app auxiliary equipment, using apps, WeChat official account backends, etc., for Basic management functions

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