DoorWireless deployment greatly saves user construction costs

The smart linkage between equipment flexibly responds to early warning and protection of computer room

High-level security encryption, decentralization, and domain access control

7*24 hours machine room fully automatic real-time effective operation and maintenance management

Smart Data Center Solution

The IT room has the characteristics of a small room area, dense hardware assets, a few management personnel, and a weak technical force. The application of the Smart data center system of COTX can realize the security management mode of real-time monitoring, pre-warning, in-event alarm, post-event control, storage, and evidence collection.

COTX Smart Data Center solution covers a smart datacenter system integrating power monitoring, environmental monitoring, security monitoring, and energy consumption monitoring. It realizes centralized real-time monitoring, remote operation management, fault warning notification, historical data query, and unattended computer room.

Core functions

Terminal side equipment

Client Application

real-time monitoring

Self-inspection report

Event alert


Management application

Management Application

Monitoring and management

Fire monitoring

Overhaul plan


Solution Related Components