Smart Museum Solution

The Smart Museum has replaced the centralized static collection “digital” of the digital museum with multi-mode dynamic perception “data”. And based on this, it has established a More Comprehensive, In-depth, and ubiquitous interconnection, Information island. Make people and people, people and things, things and things form a systematic and systematic working method, thus forming a more in-depth Smart museum operation System.

The Smart museum provides a two-way multi-information exchange channel between 'things, people, and data. Information such as things can be dynamically sensed and collected through the network. With the help of the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology, information interaction and remote control between 'things-people', 'things-data' and 'people-data' are established, at the same time, it combines cloud computing and big data technology to achieve Smart adaptive control and optimization of museum services, protection, and management.

COTX Smart museum solution optimizes the management mode and working mechanism of traditional museums through advanced internet of Things technology, Making museum management more scientific, Smart, and efficient.

One, Intrusion anti-theft alarm System

COTX intrusion anti-theft alarm system can arm, disarm, alarm monitoring, and alarm processing according to the different use stages of the museum; When the detector alarms, the camera is Controlled to monitor the alarm location, and the hard disk video recorder is linked to record the scene.

Two, a Smart environmental monitoring System

Through the COTX environmental monitoring system, temperature and humidity can be monitored and adjusted for different cultural Relics to protect the cultural relics.

Three, Smart Collection Management System

The Smart Collection Management System is a Management System for comprehensive monitoring of collection information, label printing, inventory, protection, and security. Create an archive for each Collection, and use multiple methods to record the status of the Collection. For Status of the Exhibition, and the Status of Research. Realize the archival management of Collections.

COTX Smart Museum program uses a collection management system based on the Internet of Things Radio Frequency identification technology and a collection database with huge information Capacity, and with the support and guarantee of various software and hardware equipment required by the Internet and the Internet of Things, the museum collection management The manual digital Management upgraded to the Smart management stage, it can realize the Effective and standardized real-time dynamic application of museum collections in the core management links of scientific identification, warehousing management, location identification search, regular and irregular inventory checking statistics, preventive protection, and monitoring, etc., forming collections information that can of Checked, processes can of Traced, Safe and secure cultural relics collections are a new model of efficient, win-win, and Smart management throughout the entire process. Effectively reduce the monotonous and repetitive work of staff, optimize the management process of cultural relics and warehouses, and realize the concept of equal emphasis on people (public) and objects (collections), balanced development, and comprehensive development of the Smart Museum.

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