Railway Intrusion Monitoring Solution

With the rapid development of railways, traditional video surveillance lacks Smart visual processing capabilities for relies more on the combination of manual watch and video surveillance, which makes it impossible to respond to sudden natural disasters on time. Therefore, it cannot meet the requirements of railway operation safety management. Therefore perimeter along the railway line should be equipped with an all-weather, full-coverage Railway perimeter intrusion alarm system with functions such as Smart perception and recognition of intrusion behavior, linkage search, automatic alarm, and tracking.

COTX Railway intrusion monitoring solution uses the COTX-SA series of edge AIoT Smart gateways developed by COTX. The gateway performs hardware-level acceleration for deep learning calculations, Which can meet multiple high-definition video streams and real-time AI calculations. Its built-in pre-trained Common AI model can be used out of the box for image recognition, target detection, face detection, image segmentation, and other applications. In combination with this case, we used the product to monitor and alarm the perimeter fence intrusion along the railway, real-time detection of people, rockfall monitoring, landslides, trees upside down, and people/animals intruding into prohibited areas along the railway.

Through the COTX-SA series of edge AIoT Smart gateways embedded in AI Smart analysis algorithms, accurate detection and tracking of objects and targets, the Realization of detection, analysis, and recognition of humans, animals, and vehicles, the Realization of detection, analysis, and recognition of humans and animals, and real-time warning in the perimeter area Incidents of people and animals invading the railway perimeter. When rocks, people, and animals enter the monitoring range, they can automatically of identified, That's they can capture, and the images at that time are Transmitted to the management center, and the management center outputs an alarm signal.

COTX Railway intrusion monitoring solution Based on a high-performance AI smart video analysis camera and audio analysis core technology. It uses artificial intelligence deep learning computer vision and hearing to replace manual guards to achieve 7*24 hours of uninterrupted and strict Smart alerts. Protect the daily safety of vehicles (train/subway/light rail operations); ensure the quality of the project, realize quality traceability and labor real-name management. Automatically extract and save important events and behavior records, provide ultra-high-speed search functions, and issue timely alerts on abnormal events and targets.

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